Congratulations to our new  Secretary and First Vice Chairman!


Congratulations to our new Secretary, Meghann Bedell! Meghann has an MBA and has spent the last decade in Human Resources. She will be a great asset to the board with her organizational skills and knowledge of currently used software. She was inspired by her two young boys to get involved with the Party so that they can grow up the way she did in a safe environment.


Also Congratulations to First Vice Chairman, Charles Bice-Bey. Charles has been acting First Vice Chairman for the last 3 months along with his duties as Second Vice Chairman. He was able to arrange a very last minute debate between Devin Pandy and Sam Couvillon in their bid for Gainesville Mayor. This was a favorite and most watched video on Facebook and Charles hopes to bring more quality speakers especially our local elected officials.


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If you are an American citizen who is feeling the impact of Washington's current Leftist agenda, you are not alone. That's why, at the root of the Christmas season, I urge you to get involved in this year's political process. What better way to light up the world on a cold winter day, than to take back our government by being the change that is desperately needed.

2022 will be the year the people get their voices heard to save America! It is now more important than ever to get involved with the political process like we saw recently in the Virginia Red Wave! We also saw a regular hard working American Truck Driver win the State Senate in NJ! The people are waking up, getting involved and showing those Washington Elites what it truly means to be a Government that represents the people.

We know that the motives and ideas of the Left will eventually crumble under the weight of their own arrogance and over reach, but only as long as honest hard working Americans stay engaged in the political process! Do you know the process? There is more to it than just voting every 4 years. If you want to learn more, the Hall County GOP is here to educate. The first step is becoming a member. Click the button to join and Welcome to the Hall County Republican Party!


We are the official local committee for Republican activism, community outreach, and candidate support in Hall County, Georgia. We alone elect delegates from within our geographic boundaries to the Conventions of the Georgia Ninth District Republican Party and the Georgia Republican Party.

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We couldn't do what we do without the hundreds of grassroots activists across the community who contribute their time to the Republican Party. Our Executive Board works around the clock to ensure Republicans are elected.  Click below to learn more about the leaders of the Hall County Republican Party.

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Now is the time to get involved, and stay engaged. This starts with becoming a member of the Hall County Republican Party. As a member, you'll be a part of our local grassroots effort to elect Republicans on the local, state, and federal level of government.

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